motorola ht1250

  1. Engine79-7


    My department still runs HT750s. I got my software about a year ago in the hype of the pandemic. Just getting around now to messing with it. I am trying to program both of my HT750s. I got a cable for it (Radio to USB) and am trying to program it. Open CPS with no issue and connect radio to...
  2. FoxMcCloud

    Two Motos appear to have commited suicide

    I have three Motorola HT1250LS+'s. I have them programmed on GMRS freqs which I am licensed for. After only using the one for a few hours, it stopped working. I got a replacement and it also stopped working, this time after only two days of use. My third one is still working and I've had it for...
  3. C

    Motorola HT1250

    Hi, I was looking to see if someone could send me a Motorola HT 1250 code plug. I do not need the software. I was looking at buying a HT1250 but wanted to look at the code plug and mess with the programming software and see what this radio can do. Thanks, Cody
  4. gordonfan954

    Baseband Offset Issues

    When I go under 'Utilities' in the Global Tuner and click on 'Baseband Offset', it gives me this error message '"Unable to match data configuration to current radio. Please contact Motorola for the latest baseband update configuration file". The radio reads successfully. The radio is an HT1250...
  5. AYoung2600

    Motorola HT1250s

    I am looking to buy an HT1250 to monitor some local FD/PD frequencies and to use with MURS. I am not sure whether I should get the limited keypad model or the full dtmf keypad model. I don't really know the difference between the two so if someone could give me some info on both models that...