motorola minitor v

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    Motorola Minitor v audio issues

    I have a Motorola Minitor v that I need some help with and I'm hoping someone can help me figure it out anyway whenever my pager is activated or listening to other traffic I turn the volume all the way up but when it's on high can't seem to understand what they're saying You literally have...
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    Motorola Minitor V help

    Hi, I have a few questions about my Motorola Minitor V pager that i have. The pager i have is a 2 channel uhf pager with stored voice. I have a question about the squelch settings on the pager. I have two frequencies programmed into the pager currently. On the selector knob i have channel c and...
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    motorola minitor v

    Hi, Just a general question about the band splits with Motorola minitor v pagers. I have a pager that is a 2 channel pager. Frequency 1 is set for the 457Mhz range and frequency 2 is 460mhz range. Now is there a way to set the frequency to the 453mhz range. I understand its out of the band...