motorola type ii smartnet

  1. villlythekid

    Need Help Programming a system

    I need help programming the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority system (Motorola Type II Smartnet) for the BCD996P2 using FreeScan. The weirdest thing is that it was working a few weeks ago and I was messing around on my scanner a little and it just stopped working after that. The...
  2. J

    SDS100 Audio Muting Mid Transmission

    I have a recently purchased SDS100 that I am having the previously reported transmission muting issue. I believe that the other post was for the SDS200, whereas this is the SDS100... I got my first SDS100, had the issue described below and returned it for a new scanner from Zip Scanners. Both...
  3. Buttabean

    Clarke County/Athens City Type II P25 Phase I

    How does the admins at RR find out the talk group ID names as ive found out that clarke county sheriff/Athens police are on a digital network now but im only able to use a wildcard to monitor with and its very hard to determine what traffic is by only monitoring. Also 1 side of the traffic is...
  4. J

    AVR and 3M type ii

    Has anyone heard any activity any on theseto Motorola type ii analog systems lately!? And possibly no the talk groups for either one of those systems???t love to listen to some old classic analog type two systems !?!
  5. S

    Radioshack Pro-164 Help

    I’m having a problem fine tuning my scanner for my uses. I live in Alameda County, CA. I’ve figured out how to programs the frequencies for the city of Hayward. Since it’s just simple frequencies’ and a CTCSS Tone Code. But for other cities the all share on Alameda County’s' Motorola Type II...
  6. D

    Tarrant County trunk system

    Scanning the Fort Worth / Tarrant County Public Safety Motorola Type II Smartnet with a Uniden BC346XT. Always get lots of traffic on the Fort Worth Medstar Talkgroup. I had heard that the Primary and Secondary MCI talkgroup was where a lot of interesting listening might be taking place, and so...