motorola xts 1500

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    Motorola XTS1500

    I just recently got an XTS1500 VHF and it was already programmed with channels and had features in it as zone selection as well as scan and just everything that you would need for a conventional radio. However when i turn the radio on it goes through the self check just fine but then there is a...
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    Motorola XTS 1500 help

    Hey i have a general question about the Motorola XTS 1500. I am using this model of radio for conventional channels and for p25 channels. This may sound stupid, but is this radio only good for one or the other. I was looking under the Conventional Personality and under the tab TX options...
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    Motorola XTS 1500 programming help

    I have a few questions about the programming CPS for Motorola XTS 1500. Our department recently purchased the XTS 1500's. I have the correct programming cable which is a 9 pin serial port. When i launch the cps and click read radio i get an error that says NEXTgen 10, open radio failed with a...