mototrbo connect plus

  1. R

    Mototrbo - cannot correctly terminate the call

    We are building communication system where mototrbo platform is used. We are developing the application client which can initiate individual and group calls. We have some issue related to the individual call when close call. During the call we have a lot of request/replies I will note about...
  2. T

    Mototrbo Connect Plus

    Question that I need help with please. I have 2 XPR6350 radios that have the option board in them for connect plus. I also have 2 XPR6550 radios that have just the standard board in them. Can I switch the boards from the 6350s to the 6550s? I am aware that I will have to purchase the EIDs for...
  3. ColoradoRedlands

    General Questions about DMR Systems

    Just a couple questions on DMR in general. Did the "Color" code start out being designated in actual color names at some point or was it always just the numbers 0 - 15? I have started out putting all my known DMR freqs in conventional mode. Some are showing up with a TG designation. Does...
  4. RyanRox099

    Busch Gardens Mototrbo

    Any one else see that Busch Gardens Tampa are using Mototrbo for the park admin staff. The 900mhz system is being used for everything else. I think the system is on UHF. On 467.85, 462.1125, and/or 461.7125. What do you guys think?
  5. knowmototrbo

    MotoTRBO Connect Plus, multi-site trunking system

    New multi-site digital trunking supported by MotoTRBO : Motorola Roadshow to Showcase Connect Plus | Know MotoTRBO Anyone think this will be a game changer for the trbo platform?