1. C

    MOTOTRBO 158.805 east central IL

    Heard 158.805 MOTOTRBO faintly from Urbana. Not sure who the user is. Savoy PW used to use this freq with a 127.3 PL. Only licenses near here are in Tilton near Danville and Brocton Fire Department in Edgar County.
  2. M

    New MOTOTRBO Feed submitted.... decoding and streaming online

    Hey all, Just wanted to let you know I have put a new feed online (still pending approval) of some MotoTRBO digital trunked systems in and around Minneapolis, MN. For no, until the feed gets approved, ANCOM MOTOTRBO MN Scanner Feed on USTREAM: . Cheers!
  3. R

    Nexedge vs Mototrbo

    Was wondering if anyone has any field testing with both and how they compare to each other
  4. davef3138

    Mototrbo question

    I've been looking around for detailed information on how the Mototrbo radios/repeaters can be programmed. Do the repeatersact like a 2 channel trunked system (ie; can there be multiple talkgroups that utilize both TDMA timeslots) or is each repeater more like having two conventional repeaters...