1. E


    Hello, I Have an issue while programming an XPR4550 (VHF). I am trying to get the option of Signaling Squelch to be "AND" with a proper MDC group but it's grayed out. Would anyone know what could be causing that?
  2. Z

    Mototrbo CPS Questions/Problem

    All, I have two Mototrbo radio's that I currently have an issue with. I am using them both in analog mode and while scanning, my radio keeps reverting back to one of my priority channels. The problem is it isn't picking up the radio activity from my county, it is picking briefly reverting back...
  3. X

    XPR roadmap

    Hello, does anyone know the future roadmap or have a link to a current roadmap on the XPR series MOTO turbo radios? I noticed the new xpr7550 HT has a really wide band RX/TX from 403 - 512. Its the only one in their series that offers such a great range. I wonder if they will be releasing a...
  4. txzeke

    Baxter & Boone County, Arkansas Sheriff's Departments

    Heard today that Baxter and Boone County Sheriff Departments are going to switch over to MotoTURBO very soon. Anybody with better info on this ? GRE, any word on getting a scanner to us with MotoTURBO .....SOON !! ?
  5. R

    Nexedge vs Mototrbo

    Was wondering if anyone has any field testing with both and how they compare to each other