1. SpectralContent

    Radio Sound Effect Files

    Looking to see if anyone has any .wav or .mp3 files for the MOTOTRBO sound effects (ie. Startup, accessory attached, accessory detached, busy, transmit, incoming call/message, etc.) for a project I am working on. I've found the startup sound but it always appears to be on very questionable...
  2. J

    Broadcastify Streaming with RaspberryPi Raspbian Stretch

    Has anyone been able to setup Darkice to stream scanner audio on the latest Raspbian version 9 (Stretch)? As I understand, Darkice does not need to be compiled as it already natively supports mp3 encoding. Any help is appreciated.
  3. C

    Feed problem - low audio into mp3 encoder

    I'm having a problem with one of my feeds that I can't find a fix for (other than switching to linux). The feed source is TX audio into the repeater > Windows 7 machine > Radio Feed (also tried Scannercast). The audio input to my soundcard is at a proper level, and the "slider" on the...
  4. Cbandguy

    Home base MP3 player

    Are there any home base MP3 players that have a USB stick input for home use available for purchase and if so, where would I be able to purchase one?
  5. J

    Vox to File claims to record in MP3, But How??

    I'm using VoxToFile v.2.0.2 It works fin except for a few short comings. when you click on recordig control it brings up the windows record setting thing, BS- WTF. The biggest issues with the V2F software is it can't be told to record in any format other than wave. It says you can, but it don't...