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    Broadcastify Streaming with RaspberryPi Raspbian Stretch

    Has anyone been able to setup Darkice to stream scanner audio on the latest Raspbian version 9 (Stretch)? As I understand, Darkice does not need to be compiled as it already natively supports mp3 encoding. Any help is appreciated.
  2. C

    Feed problem - low audio into mp3 encoder

    I'm having a problem with one of my feeds that I can't find a fix for (other than switching to linux). The feed source is TX audio into the repeater > Windows 7 machine > Radio Feed (also tried Scannercast). The audio input to my soundcard is at a proper level, and the "slider" on the...
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    Vox to File claims to record in MP3, But How??

    I'm using VoxToFile v.2.0.2 It works fin except for a few short comings. when you click on recordig control it brings up the windows record setting thing, BS- WTF. The biggest issues with the V2F software is it can't be told to record in any format other than wave. It says you can, but it don't...