1. CopperWhopper67

    About PG&E's MPT1327 system....

    I am curious as to any possible rationales for PG&E choosing to deploy MPT1327 as their radio system instead of a Type II, LTR, or any other comparable analog trunking system. From what I understand, its one of the only MPT systems that exist in the U.S. and its a type that's mostly used outside...
  2. S

    Unitrunker Release 31

    Release 31 supports multiple VCOs and native USB support for the AirSpy. Supporting multiple VCOs required separating VCO specific settings from broader receiver settings. For SDRs, each VCO's frequency must fit inside the SDR's usable bandwidth. Other enhancements include the Hide feature...
  3. B

    Unitrunker not picking up frequencies

    Greetings, apologies for my 1st post being a call for help, but as is the way, this is usually how all good things start.... I've picked up a RTL2832U dongle last week, and have been looking for things (like you do) I've stumbled across the local bus company and its MPT1327 trunk system, and...
  4. B

    MPT1327 in your city

    Hi, Question: What's average number of: - MPT1327 system "in your range" (city/village/country) - channels in MPT1327 system - users in MPT1327 system ? I'm asking because I'm working now at (pure) hardware MPT1327 aware scanner (arduino + FX429A + Motorola Maxtrac) and I don't know what are...
  5. citylink_uk

    Washington: Puget Sound Energy select MPT-IP system from Tait

    Washington state’s largest electric and natural gas utility migrates radio system to IP with Tait "PSE’s Tait solution will feature a 59-site 200MHz MPT-IP network and 2,000 robust Tait 8000 series terminals to replace a VHF conventional network and proprietary 900 MHz system." Tait press release
  6. G

    MPT1327 Scanner

    Are there scanners available for MPT1327? If so, will they work on the TRBO systems when DMR gets released?
  7. G


    Hey All, I own a PRO-528, and im in yamhill county. i cant find any information about the scanner trunking on MPT-1327, there doesnt seem to be an option for it.
  8. R

    Wise County

    Does Wise County or Decatur really use the MPT1327 system listed on their page or did they just stick with VHF? I haven't seen any updates to the MPT1327 system since it was first posted in 2001 (beyond the recent tag update). Can anybody in the area give us the run down on which system the...