1. baldbrad

    MOSWIN Troop F Scanner Problem

    For those who listen to the MOSWIN Troop F feed, I have received several reports of bad audio lately. I have isolated the problem as a bad front-end on the scanner itself (it's used, and wasn't taken care of by its' previous owner). I have bumped the audio levels on the PC to try to compensae...
  2. Z

    Missouri State Highway Patrol Troop C Question

    Is MSHP Troop C using both conventional and P25 now? I just saw that they are posted under the STL P25 page now. What is the difference between all of their dispatch talkgroups (1-7) and car to car talkgroups (1-7)? I'm not trying to program their SWAT or DDCC, just their basic patrol division...
  3. Dustybill69


    I have read some people talking about hearing Troop C on the new P25 MOSWIN system, and I myself have not heard anything yet. Anyone know what site/frequencies they are using?
  4. Z

    Missouri State Highway Patrol Programming Help

    Can someone help me with the frequencies for Missouri Highway Patrol? I've read the wiki and it's confusing. I want to strictly monitor Troop C (STL County to be exact). Does MSHP use digital or analog frequencies? If they use analog frequencies, could someone give me the exact frequencies to...
  5. Bruce42

    MSHP Audio Feeds for Troops F,G, and H?

    Hello, I am interested in monitoring these three troops, particularly F. Which of the 118 Missouri audio feeds carry these channels? Last I heard Troop F was using 42.64, 42.94 MHz. Troop G was on 42.38 MHz and Troop H was on 42.40, 42.12, 42.38, and 42.58 MHz. Any additional frequency &...
  6. S

    MSHP 700MHZ Trunked Confirmed

    I read in the legals section in my local newspaper a few days back and saw that the MSHP is now taking bids for a 700Mhz P-25 TRS. The money and movement is sponsored through a interoperability grant given to the State of Missouri. (probably stimulus money) THAT IS ALL OF THE DETAILS I HAVE AT...