1. marksroberson

    JEFF CO Conv. 800MHz / UAB Operations

    Hello All, I have a couple 800mhz MOT radios I listen to here in Jefferson County, but since the JCTRS transition, I have programmed them for conventional stuff strictly. I scan the UAB 800mhz channels and the BFRS backup repeaters. (I have not heard any BFRS vehicular repeater traffic in a...
  2. M

    MTX 8000 radio to radio?????

    I have 2 MTX 8000 Radios and a base MaxTrac all I want to do it have them on the same channel to use for myself is this possible all they do now when they are keyed up is beep or more of a long tone as long as there keyed up. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IM DOING so pls help. Thanks.