1. jakeschnabel

    Baofeng Baofeng 888s AUX Input?

    Hello all, Just wondering if it was possible to have an Aux cable coming from a phone, that runs into my Baofeng radio and then transmit the audio? Like instead of the mic picking up me talking, it would pick up the phone audio output. Using for a special event to broadcast on speakers...
  2. B

    Entertaining Radio! Music, Sports, Talk and More!!!

    For all of you bored at work or looking for a way to pass the time at home, why not listen to some entertaining and innovative Radio? WGMU Radio is George Mason's station and represents a young and engaging segment of radio. WGMU features the latest and greatest musical hits as well as...
  3. D

    Jessica Rabbit on the radio Live, and Dollicia Bryan

    Two of the hottest girls out and DRed got them first, you can look around, you can ask everybody, but the #1 souce of hip hop online has the best radio show. we have had guest from hip hop honeys legend Elke The Stallion, to up coming girls from the source magazine ci Ci Sentarelli. So if she's...
  4. A

    Fire Dept Tones [for a music project.]

    [Disclaimer: Yes, I used the search function and didn't get any results. I could find the freq they broadcast on but not the fire tones.] I'm trying to get the local tones for Lake Township Station 1 and 2 Rossford Stations Northwood Stations Perrysburg Station I'm making a kinda techno...