1. w2lie

    SDS200: Reception is muted mid transmission randomly

    I've noticed a problem with my SDS200. The radio will begin to receive fine, but at some random point in the transmission, the audio will just cut out. I still see the radio is receiving and I have -86 or so on the RSSI Scale. My other radios are all still receiving but the SDS200 Mutes. I...
  2. M

    Problem with Motorola XTS3000 Model III

    Hey guys! I purchased an 800mhz version of the XTS3000 Model III, and it came to me programmed conventionally. However, I came across an issue as soon as I unboxed it. The MUTE is on the radio. Transmit is possible, but not receiving anything. Guy at the shop says it's a switch that was hit...
  3. WQAJ741

    MDC 1200 muting on ht750

    Before anyone tells me to use the search function, I have... a lot....I have what I hope to be a simple question. I'm tired of hearing the MDC burst on my radio and want to mute it just to hear the chirp. (RX only) I've tried messing around with the DOS function but have had no luck. Every time...