1. ai8o

    Reporting points map

    I have been listening to HF MWARA frequencies like 11309, 11330,8918, etc. I hear aircraft checking in with NY radio giving postion reports using 5 letter location names like LAMER, and ONGOT for positions over the North Atlantic and Caribbean. I have become familiar with many of the Reporting...
  2. K

    Why do ICAO MWARA and ARINC LDOCF operators say "err"

    I was listening to MWARA frequencies on CAR-B 6586 kHz and I could hear the New York station and the aircraft. After most transmissions, the person at New York said "err" or "air" or something that sounded like that. I was reading the ARINC operating procedures handbook (yes ARINC is different...
  3. ai8o

    MWARA HF questions

    Are postings about AERO HF (LDOC, VOLMETS, MWARA) appropriate in this forum? Or should such questions be posted in some other forum? If so, which one?