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    BCD436HP/BCD536HP: How to turn on / scan P25 trunked systems?

    Hi, I'm trying to determine how i can turn on P25 monitoring for my BCD436HP. I've read 4 strings here, and watched 2 YouTube videos, all of which seem to be skipping the beginning on HOW to turn this on. What i would like to accomplish is to be able to monitor these types of channels (as an...
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    CHP scanning in Silicon Valley / South Bay

    So per my other thread, I'm trying to determine how i should be configuring my new BCD436HP and what i should expect from a reception perspective. It was suggested there that i need to post this here to get additional feedback...
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    BCD436HP/BCD536HP: New BCD436HP user / a few questions

    Hi, I just received my BCD436HP today, and have spent all afternoon playing with it. I think i have finally gotten close to getting it set up, but I'm now stuck on two last items. 1. I cannot seem to find an "optimal settings" thread to compare mine to, does such a thing exist that someone can...
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    396XT. Why does it search when I only want to scan?

    I received my 396XT today. So far, I've programmed it using FreeScan and RadioReference Database. I expected that when I hit "Scan" that it would scan for only the frequencies I entered. However, the radio is in fact going through all possible ranges (eg "Military Air" ). Question: Why does...