1. S

    Whip Antennas vs. Tactical Flats (Tri-Band)

    I've been searching YouTube and the Internet trying to find reviews of HT dual- and tri-band antennas, and so far results I can trust are elusive. I've been looking at the Nagoya NA-320A tri-band antenna versus the Abbree AR-771 tri-band versus the Abbree tri-band tactical flat. So far, the last...
  2. Joseph11

    Custom Modified 700 MHz Scanner Antenna

    As a random project, I decided to modify a cheap/unused 144/430 MHz Nagoya NA-771 antenna I had lying around to work best on 700 MHz. I cut the element down to about 7.27" to perform ideally on 772 MHz (middle of the 700 MHz repeater output range) as per KD4SAI's Antenna Calculator. Question is...
  3. G

    Baofeng UV-5R Antenna reccomendations

    Hello, My Baofeng radio's stock antenna is complete ****, so I've been searching for a new one. I've found the Nagoya 771, and it's reviews are positive, but I don't know if it will work on Australian UHF CB (476 - 477 MHz) and VHF. It's outside of the antenna's frequency range, would it be...
  4. K

    Nagoya NA-777 Antenna Off Frequency

    I bought 2 of these BNC handheld antennas. They are supposed to be for the 26 to 34 MHz range. The measured resonant frequencies of the two I have are 34.0 MHz and 34.8 MHz.