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    Monroe County Narrowband Switch

    Just a Heads up for people in Monroe County, the date they are looking at for the Fire Narrowband switchover is October 17th, as of Monday night that was still on-track. I Do not know what channels, if any, will change, maybe someone could shed some more light on it.
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    VHF Marine Trasmits Wide or Narrow FM

    Hi I know its not quite an Amateur topic, But can any one tell for is VHF Marine transmitted on Narrow or Wide , I know the channel spacing is wide, but that does not tell me what it is transmitted on. If you set a radio to wide you pick up the marine with a tiny bit better signal, but lower...
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    EDACS Narrow Invert Data Question

    When I select EDCAS Narrow, my RSPRO106 asks me if I want to Invert Data. What exactly does this do?