nashua new hampshire

  1. S

    Just can't get Nashua on my Pro-96, advice please

    Hi, I've followed a lot of the discussions here about the new Nashua lineup, and because my Pro-96 used to work just fine for Nashua (FD, PD, etc) I tried downloading the frequency data direct from Radioreference as always, using the Win96 program. I've tried starting the data in both position...
  2. NFR85

    Nashua,NH 151.2500 Phased out?

    Since 26th of June I've noticed that Nashua is not using 151.2500 to tone out fire apparatus. They are using 853.4500 as the new channel. I cannot confirm if it's permanent or temporarily.
  3. T

    Nashua NH

    Has anybody noticed that the Nashua New Hampshire PD/FD frequencies have been quiet? I have not heard a single call today. Any info on this would be appreciated. Thanks!