1. w2lie

    Long Isand DMR Cap System on 460.225

    I noticed earlier today that my scanner was locked on 460.225 with a dead carrier. I was too lazy (sick today) to press the avoid key to allow my scanner to move on. To my surprise, I started hearing DMR data traffic on this frequency. Color code 1 and the display said CAP. I fired up DSD+...
  2. R

    Want a new scanner (Nassau County) Digital vs Non Digital

    Hello, I'm from Nassau and I am in a VFD, I started off a few years ago with a BC355C.... then with narrowbanding I "upgraded" to the BC355N, now I want something with alpha tagging. I generally listen to the ncpd 2/8 and 3/6 simulcast, most of the county's fire freq's and trooper dispatch and...
  3. w2lie

    Nassau County EDACS Reband

    Nassau County has rebanded their EDACS system. Shift all their current frequencies down 15MHz and enjoy I'm currently listening to Talk Group 00-002, which I assume are the radio techs...they sound like they are trying to tweak the system. I've submitting the reband info into the database...
  4. w2lie

    Follow Long Island Alerts on Twitter

    When I lost my webhost a few months back, I setup a Twitter account to keep my users in the loop on any updates I had on bringing the site back "on the air". Since then, I've discovered how useful a tool like Twitter can become. I've setup my "Buff Box" to dump to Twitter, as well as any Site...
  5. bezking

    REACT Exercise on 462.7

    Hi all- Did anybody else catch the Nassau County REACT exercise on 462.7000mHz Today? At first I thought it was a police department, with the unit numbers and MDC, but then the dispatcher (?) mentioned REACT. I only caught the last ten minutes, but it sounded like a big radio check (1 2 3 4 5 4...