1. A

    SDR# Issues...

    Can anyone help me out ? everytime i try to open SDR# appear this message i already installed everything, Zadig, .NET and it keeps like this.
  2. K

    KPG-112DN programming

    Hi all, I'm working on programming some TK-5220 radios and I'm able to read them in, but not write because: 1.) No .net file 2.) No system keys When I read the radio, I can't save "all files" or anything else to create a new .net file. I can't load system keys (the option under Setup is...
  3. N7UWX

    Microsoft .Net error

    Hello All, Just geting started with this live audio stuff. I have a problem when I try to start up ScannerCast. I get a Microsoft .Net Framwork error! See text below. I have 2.0 framwork installed on a Win 2000 machine. Thanx, Tyler See the end of this message for details on invoking...