1. V

    Eureka County Sherriff's Office

    I have been trying to pick up the Eureka County SO but have had no luck. According to, the frequency is 155.070 MHz but nothing is heard on that frequency. Someone claims that they have a feed for them on but when looking at the archives there is no audio for...
  2. O

    Weather Alerts outside of NWR Range?

    Is there any good way to receive weather alerts and weather information in the outdoors where no NWR reception exists, such as in large areas of the Southwest? Options I have looked at: - Red Cross or FEMA app for warnings and windy or meteoblue for weather forecasts - Preferred way, but...
  3. J

    SDS100/SDS200: SDS100 - Southern Nevada - Las Vegas - DPS

    Hi everyone, I'm looking at purchasing a SDS100 scanner - I just want to confirm before I take the plunge, that it is capable of scanning both EDACS, as well as Project 25 Phase I. I just recently moved to Las Vegas and am coming from an area that still uses analog radio systems. Any feedback...
  4. n6766j

    Whistler PC Software issue

    Hi everyone, When I loaded the frequencies for McCarron-Las Vegas Intl Airport using the Whistler software using the library import function, several frequencies were left out. They DO exist in the database, but not when the Whistler software make the database inquiry. The missing frequencies...
  5. L

    Any value/usefulness in an Icom IC-R1 or decades old tech?

    value/usefulness in an Icom IC-R1 or decades old tech? I own one, don't know much about scanners and how advancing technology may have changed the scanner world. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thx
  6. G

    Nevada State Railroad Museum (Carson City)

    Does anyone know of a frequency(s) for this facility? Thanks, Gregg (N2UUP)
  7. E

    BCT15x scanning State Trunked System

    I'm a bit new with setting up a Bearcat 15xt scanner. The issue is that the State of Nevada uses an 800mhz ECADS trunked system for the entire state. I live in the Northeastern part of the state (Elko County) so I have one of the channel groups setup for the local repeaters. Should I have to...
  8. gmclam

    Too many EDACS sites

    I am programming an object oriented GRE scanner (PSR-500/600, PRO-106/PRO-197, etc) and started wondering how people who monitor Nevada with similar scanners handle this situation. Let's just take Washoe county. There's just under 150 TGs that I would like to monitor. There's 11 sites for...
  9. M

    Uniden HP1 Home Patrol in Cold Springs

    Is anyone living in Cold Springs (last exit before CA north of Reno) monitoring with a Uniden Home Patrol HP-1. How does it work out here? Also, what do you listen to? Thank you for your time.
  10. T

    Just getting up and running and need some help

    I just separated from the Marine Corps and unpacked my scanners. Radio Shack PRO-2037 and a modified Realistic PRO-37 they were my Grandfathers, and I would love to keep them running and receiving. I currently am living in Tonopah and am not getting anything great to listen to. Anyone know some...
  11. tallman2

    UNLV EDACS frequencies

    Hi, I have searched the web for awhile and have found some info on the frequencies that UNLV uses, but I have yet to hear anything on what I have found. Does anyone by chance know what frequencies they use, and how often traffic is heard on it? Perhaps my Radio shack scanner isn't doing the best...