new ham

  1. D

    New radio time.

    Hi Folks, So here's the plan for the new toys ..... and I thought I'd run it past the grown-ups first! (grin) I'm a new ham and so far I've just got a couple Wouxun's UVD1P's as a starter radio's and I'm now planning the upgrade. The two wouxun's were a great price with lotsa of toys and...
  2. callahanfirebuff

    Yaesu VX-6R or Wouxun KG-UV6Dv2?

    I am new to HAM radio but I am ready to jump in! I am looking to get a transceiver- I am trying to decide between the Yaesu VX-6R and the Wouxun KG-UV6Dv2. What are the differences? Eventhough it is more pricey I think I want the 6R because of the large amount of frequencies it can receive...