new jersey

  1. R

    Sds100 VS 436HP

    My 436HP receives so many more transmissions than my Sds100 on NJICS its crazy. I've tried everything on the SDS100 with no luck at all. Both are only locked to Telegraph Hill site. I've tried every filter on that site. I've factory reset radio. I've reinstall Sentinel. I've reprogrammed. Does...
  2. RadioDitch

    New Jersey Turnpike Authority P25 TRS

    In my free time I've been working on a mapping project of the NJSP, NJICS, and NJTA systems. Sites and ranges. I'm not sure if the ranges in the database for the NJTA system are defaults at 5mi, but I believe they're wrong. When you map it out, it leaves significant gaps which don't exist in...
  3. Dispatrick

    Open Carrier Med-10 for over a week now.

    Open carrier on Med-10 for over a week now 462.9750 with a PL of 146.2. I'm posting this here cause I live in Bergen County, however it could be originating from NY or CT. A check of the database shows no user with that PL. Any Ideas?
  4. H

    New Jersey - Monmouth County - Borough Of Highlands

    If anyone knows the new frequency for Highlands NJ located in Monmouth county they recently switched to county dispatch and I'm looking for the new frequency, if you have it please contact me
  5. S

    HP-2: Living with encryption

    I hope this thread is in the right place. My first post. I was a scanner fan until my AR8200 died a couple of years ago, and did not stay informed as to what was happening in NJ. After wrestling with setting up a AR8200, getting a HomePatrol-2 was a dream come true for ease of use. I was so...
  6. N

    Cumberland county radio freq and tone ids

    Hello everyone im looking for a pdf or any file that has a list of all of cumberland county nj fire tones and frequency ids im getting into the programing system for pagers and radios also i am looking at creating a new dispatch system but i dont have any of the information i need anyone that...
  7. J

    New oblong antennas on cars

    I've been noticing all the new State Police cars and some local units have these new, oblong antennas on the trunk. Is this a new data link or something, or is it part of a new system coming into use?
  8. R

    HT1000 programming in NJ?

    I recently bought an Ht1000 VHF portable and am having a hard time finding programming for it. Is there anyone in NJ that still has the capability to program an HT1000?
  9. J

    BCD536HP: Newark FD - Unable to listen

    Any tricks to listening to Newark FD? I know they are on NJ PSIC network. Can't get them on my scanner for some reason.
  10. N2SCV


    Listening to 155.100 ( Essex Co./Newark OEM) they're talking about checking Skynet to see where a car is stuck in water on Routes 1 & 9 and Jersey City reported it. Search on RR shows nothing. Anyone? Thanks.
  11. W2IRT

    BCD996xt - New user completely lost

    Hi guys, I've been scanning since the early 80s but this 996xt is by far the most intimidating piece of technology I've encountered in many years. The more I read the more my brain shuts down as I attempt to go down rabbit hole after rabbit hole. The radio itself is still not unpacked but I've...
  12. C

    Hunterdon County Fire Frequencies ??'s

    Alright so this has been bothering me for awhile while scanning Hunterdon but i never got around to address it. I have the entire Hunterdon fire/ems system programmed into one group on my 996xt. When Com center puts a dispatch out i pick it up on multiple channels (AMBO 5 UHF, HC Fire 1, 1LB, &...
  13. I

    Perth Amboy

    Hello, I am just wondering if anyone from here happens to know what happened with the Perth Amboy Police live feed. It was up a few weeks ago then it disappeared. Secondly, not sure if anyone knows if this is true or not but I went to RadioShack to buy a scanner and I was told that I was not...
  14. R

    Hamilton Twp, Mercer Co, NJ Public Works,Road Crews

    Anyone in Hamilon Twp, Mercer County,...have run across what freq the road crews are using? I have been noticing a bunch of new vehicles during the day, with TWP Logo. I have noticed only a small 3" to 5" wip on all the vehicles. RR shows the older freqs on low band (33.10....33.16........45.24...
  15. S

    Camden County DPS 4

    Camden County Police Zone 3 occasionally broadcasts "... switchover to DPS 4..." and goes silent. Does anyone know the frequency for "DPS 4"?
  16. NFR85

    Newark NJ Fire 10 Codes

    I tried google and looked on RR Wiki and could not find Newark’s 10 Codes (Signals that the fire dept uses. Can anyone help me out? Thanks
  17. mtfas

    Base Station Installation - New Jersey, US

    Folks, Our Township's First Aid Squad received permission to leverage an authorized VHF frequency. We have permission to use a communications tower in our vicinity but we have as of yet found any companies that can either provide cost effective service or provide this type of service for us...
  18. rbecker1963

    Streaming Cape May County & State Police

    Hi all, I'm now streaming most of Cape May County including all of the Resort towns, barrier islands and State Police. Southern Cape May County Police, Fire, EMS, and State Police Live Scanner Audio Feed
  19. A

    Northern NJ frequencies that can be heard in NYC?

    I want to monitor some NJ Police frequencies from NYC, but so far I can only hear jersey city pd, newark pd and bergen county pd. I tried paterson police but no luck. Can anybody give me a list of Northern NJ police frequencies that can be heard in NYC. Im located in Northern Brooklyn.
  20. M

    NJ Area USMS and USDEA

    Kind of become addicted over the past few seasons to Manhunters and DEA on TV. So, looking for the frequencies used in New Jersey, specifically Northern New Jersey by the US Marshals and US DEA. Any help?