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    Passaic County and Clifton NJ Feed Active

    July 7, 2009 Hello fellow scanner enthusiasts, Well, I finally have Passaic County and the City of Clifton, New Jersey (on the map) now via Live Audio feed service. What you will hear: Passaic County Sheriff North/South Dispatch 866.6750 Central Dispatch 867.35000 Low band Backup...
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    Ad for Wayne's(Passaic Co, New Jersey) New Communications System

    From the Bergen Record Thursday, July 2, 2009 BY ANDREA ALEXANDER STAFF WRITER Comment on this story 0 Comments Email this story Printer friendly version Decrease Font Size Increase Font Size WAYNE – U.S. Rep Bill Pascrell Jr. announced Wednesday night during a Township Council...
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    Pro-97 skips out

    My pro 97 will skip out enough to be annoying, especially when I am trying to hear an address and i'll only get part of the information. I might have it set incorrectly because my friend has a very basic RS scanner, I placed them side by side and when a call came through every few seconds mine...