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    New Member Howdy

    Although I have a little bit of experience in using 700/800 MHz radios from previous jobs, I am new to using scanners to hear other agency communications. I just got on as a volunteer firefighter for a combination department in early December, issued a Motorola Minitor IV pager and the Active911...
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    SOMEONE HELP! No clue where to start.

    I recently inherited an OLD pro-42 scanner. Well my city is all digital now so I just bought a pro-106 today and just have no clue where to start. The 42 was easy to program but this digital trunking, talk group, signal stalking, object oriented stuff has me stumped. SOME ONE HELP PLEASE! I...
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    New user seeks guidance from seasoned user who is willing to try to fix stupid.

    Challenge: I dusted off the old Pro-96, picked up a USB/PC Cable from RS (#20-546), installed the drivers and ARC96 trial software. Then I accessed the Database and dl'd the stuff for zip 08740, Ocean County, NJ. What shows up on the ARC96 matrix looks nothing like the data I...
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    PRO 197 new user needs help

    I have the pro 197 & it is way to complicated for me! All I want to do is pick up 2 county police, ems, DNR & state police. How do I enter the frequency #, & how do I find & scan just those after I do? Please help, thanks!
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    100% New to this. Need help.

    Hello Everybody! I'm Bryan, I have no experiance in radio communications whatsoever, although I work as an audio technician for a living if that helps. I'm looking to purchase my first scanner. I've read most of the Scanning 101 sections and I'm in the market for scanner that can meet these...