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  1. D

    Any way to activate 58.000 to 108.000 on Uniden BC125AT

    I have a uniden BC125AT and I got thinking, is there any way to somehow get access to the 58.000 to 108.000 range or does the standard US model not have the supported electronic internals to access this? I understand the UBC125AT or X something which is available for the Australian and New...
  2. kd7kdc

    New P25 repeater in New Zealand

    The Wellington VHF Group Inc (Branch 74 NZART) is pleased to announce the first dedicated amateur radio APCO Project P25 repeater to operate in New Zealand. Wellington is the country's capital city. The machine is on 147.075 MHz (+600 kHz split) and is mixed mode. The site is at 1,500 feet...