1. S

    Press Credentials/Radio

    Hi all, As someone who enjoys stringing in their free time, I recently started to become rather serious about this and I was wondering if this is truly something I could pursue professionally in my area? I am a resident of Lee County (Fort Myers). CCPD, FMPD, and LCSO are all full DE and only...
  2. Anime

    Requested: Documented Cases of Civilian Scanner Listeners Helping LEO/Fire

    Hi there, apart of my attempt to gather evidence to show the benefits of open scanner traffic(dispatch only, obviously), I am looking for news articles or PD/FD Facebook/Twitter post that mention a situation where someone listening to their radio traffic ended up helping them. Such as hearing a...
  3. Thats0Brandon

    Niagara Regional Search & Rescue

    Dear Forum, My family owns a media company that focuses on things in the Niagara Region. We currently just got through moving the business from Fort Erie to Welland and we are also planning on opening other locations very soon in different cities. With all of that being said, we work very...
  4. ISW376

    Johnson county set on encryption following Linn county

    Went to a JECC policy board meeting yesterday after hearing from local chiefs set on encrypting all law enforcement talkgroups including dispatch and possibly all event channels. The chiefs are blaming radio reference live feed even though their is a delay they also are blaming a am radio...
  5. AK4FD

    FREE South Florida incident alerts...

    Hey guys, if you live in Palm Beach County then come join my Facebook and Twitter pages! I post breaking incident news and alerts for just Palm Beach County only. The Facebook address is: And the Twitter profile to go follow is: @PBC_Alerts...
  6. K

    Breaking News

    I live in Charlotte County, FL and have a police and fire scanner. I don't understand why when I hear of a breaking news incident it's not reported in the news either by newspaper or TV.
  7. mgolden2

    Flightaware and helicopters

    This might be a "duh" question, but can you look on FlightAware or another similar site and see when a Police helicopter/aircraft is in the air much like how you can look up a commercial flight and track it? Another question along the same lines, can you do this with TV news...
  8. Sac916

    City of Isleton

    From On Saturday, September 1, 2012, the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department will begin providing contractual law enforcement services to the City of Isleton. The scope of the law enforcement services shall be provided at a level commensurate with those services being...
  9. HavanaScanning

    Programming Help for Yuma County

    I live in Florida and have had a request to program a scanner (Pro-97) for someone in Yuma. While I could do it, I believe that someone local could do better job! Please PM me if you are interested and I will forward your info to the guy who needs help. He works for one of the local TV...
  10. dugan

    Example of media admitting the scanner as their source

    Here is a link to an unfolding tragedy where the media admits they got some of the main information from a scanner. Maybe it is not a big deal, but in light of recent discussions I thought it was interesting. I am not surprised the use the scanner. I am surprised that they admitted, in the...
  11. RyanRox099

    News Media Hillsborough County

    Are the News Media freq used in Hillsborough County? If so what do they use them for? News Media Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference
  12. Scandxer

    Make your Feeds page awesome like mine!

    Hey folks.. If anyone would like to copy my Feeds Page style code and widgets tweak it and Make there own Please do. Do whatever.. I added Live traffic cams , Chatbox, Statcounter, News feed widgets, Facebook share, Feed stats, etc.... I mean the possibilities are endless.. Connecticut...
  13. A

    Port Authority Police Radio Concerns

    An article in the fox news website revealed that Port authority police share there radios with other agencies. Is this true? I don't scan port authority much so I really don't know how they operate. "The union representing Port Authority police officers claims its officers are at risk...
  14. K

    News and Feed Alerts

    Is it possible with the API to remotely update the News and Feed Alerts? I listen a lot on my Blackberry, and it would be nice to be able to submit the News/Alert information via SMS, email, web app, etc. Anyone doing this? Is it possible? kd8jhc
  15. O

    Twitter for breaking incidents

    Hi I thought I would make a twitter so that we could all tweet about breaking incidents. If you want to contribute just send the info to and i can retweet it to everyone who follows So far this is just for Northeast Ohio but we can expand later or you can...
  16. S

    Reporter seeking assist

    Hey everyone. I'm cBas, and I've been quietly lurking here since I bought my BCD 396T in 07. I'm also a news reporter for 2 radio stations in the Bay Area, and I'm working on a news series called The Other Digital Transitions. I've covered digital radio (the commercial aspect), analog CABLE...
  17. loumaag

    ALL POSTS HERE ARE MODERATED (Please read here for thread rules)

    All threads in this forum are moderated and will not show up until approved by a moderator. This forum is to be used for only the following topics: 1. Announcements and News in reference to the RadioReference/Broadcastify site and posted by the staff. 2. News of interest to the entire...
  18. L

    check out my weather website!!!!