1. One13Truck


    I just saw a message Nicecast is being depreciated and the version I just updated to will be it's final version. Anybody know if those of us with Macs that use Nicecast will run into any issues with it down the line or if there will be any other options to port our feeds over to in the future?
  2. devildogusmc4

    Too much gain on Power Mac G5

    Hi, im using a PowerMac G5, and NiceCast, an older version, and it sounds like their is too much gain, and there is alot of staic, can you give me a tut, becuase I cant find and settings to see if there is a Mic boost.
  3. ScanTN

    Mac OS X Multi Channel Audio Streaming

    I am looking for a software solution that I can use to stream multiple radio feeds from. Based on what I can tell Nicecast, which I'm currently using for one stream, only allows a single channel (or instance) to be broadcast. I know this is capable on the Windows side by using various software...