1. Joseph11

    NJDEP/NJFFS Conventional Frequencies

    Over the years, I've collected multiple different frequencies for the NJDEP/NJFFS and at this point am not too sure which are still accurate or current (or incorrect). What I have is a bit different than the RRDB. Does anyone involved with the NJDEP/NJFFS have any input on the following...
  2. C

    Clinton Township, Hunterdon County *Line of Duty Death*

    A New Jersey Forrest Fire Service member was killed in the line of duty today during a controlled burn at Round Valley Reservoir. The member was struck by another vehicle. Smoke and wind shifts are presumed to be contributing factors...
  3. pdfdems286


    any rumblings of changes to the new jersey state forest fire service radio plan ?. the reason i ask, is that there is an article in 1st responder new's that mention's this. nothing concrete. say's to become effective in june.