1. F

    Unknown Frequency - Not in FCC Database locally

    I have stumbled across a frequency that is pretty strong in Cloverdale, Northern Sonoma County, San Francisco Bay, California. It is 451.89375Mhz and the FMP prompt shows that it is an NXDN48 system as seen by the copied line below. I have tried searching for System 479/L-479 in the RRDB with no...
  2. D

    BCD436HP: New BCD436HP user / a few questions

    Hi, I just received my BCD436HP today, and have spent all afternoon playing with it. I think i have finally gotten close to getting it set up, but I'm now stuck on two last items. 1. I cannot seem to find an "optimal settings" thread to compare mine to, does such a thing exist that someone can...
  3. RadioGuy1951

    CA law Trunking

    I got my first scanners capable of rebanding (Pro 163 and Pro-164), and have updated the firmware... While I've been very familier with conventional comms for a very long time...trunking is new to me... I looked in the database here, and while all I want is LAW, FIRE, FORESTRY & EMS, what I...