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    Cleveland County Jail Group

    I live in Norman and programed my scanner with the Norman site. One of the groups (52208) cleveland County Jail, I have not heard anything on. Am I missing something? Is it encrypted or did they change the talkgoup? Just wondering if anyone knows.
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    What happened to Norman?

    I have been unable to hear any Norman activity of any kind since maybe Tuesday morning. Anybody have any info? Maybe I should add another site or something? I doubt they switched all the talkgroups. Maybe they went digital? Any ideas?
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    Norman FD Way to Quiet?

    Hello I have been streaming Norman frequencies for the past few weeks. For anyone that is around the Norman area and has a scanner; did the Norman FD dispatch change frequencies or is this day just abnormally quiet? Thanks Scott P.S. I tried emailing or sending message to the other person that...
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    Trouble hearing Norman OK

    Hi everyone this is my first post ever. I am not picking up any Norman traffic lately. I programed my scanner using the pro-500 software and radioreference database. I just bought a pro-197 and the guy at radio shack said Norman is going all digital and would be cganging frequencies. When I do a...