1. A

    Goldsboro PD (Wayne Co., NC)

    Can anyone explain to me why the Goldsboro PD (Wayne Co., NC) channel has randomly quit working on my BCD436HP a few days ago? I am getting absolutely no traffic on it.
  2. C

    RCS - North Cell all choppy!

    Hello Everyone! I am utilizing a Uniden 396xt scanner to monitor SD sheriff and a few other talkgroups on RCS. The P25 decode on these channels is awful! I pull up the website and listen to others who are broadcasting the same channel and it sounds great on their scanner, but...
  3. S

    Cabarrus Ops Channels

    I am a junior fire fighter at a fire department in Cabarrus county, North Carolina and am programming a personal radio to use until I am 18 and join on and get one from the fire department. Well I have all the fire and ems dispatch channels, but I don't have the "Cabarrus Operations" channels. I...
  4. riccom

    North Lousiana incident page

    This page is for any happening from robbery or and major mva or ect... Location and department and type of incident and if you can the frequency or trunked system your monitoring The map will define the area so basicly from Alaxandria north bound