nova scotia

  1. S

    Scanner Help- Colchester County

    I just have a quick question. I messaged a Nova Scotia feed provider but did not get a reply so i will try posting my question on here and see if someone can help answer it. I reside in Colchester County and I have a Grecom Psr-600C. It has the latest firmware installed and i just reprogramed it...
  2. VE1GAT

    Fire Department Nova Scotia Valley plus, programming simplex (hello Pat)

    This is my CHIRP pack that includes: Valley Fire Departments (scan list) NS Fire departments on VHF (not all of them) No repeaters Search & Rescue (Canadian & Mutual aid) Marine 16 GMRS (scans CH20 MURS Weather This is for VFF only. These are not waterproof. If you wish to scan NS fire...