1. gmclam

    Too many EDACS sites

    I am programming an object oriented GRE scanner (PSR-500/600, PRO-106/PRO-197, etc) and started wondering how people who monitor Nevada with similar scanners handle this situation. Let's just take Washoe county. There's just under 150 TGs that I would like to monitor. There's 11 sites for...
  2. KF7RAY

    Mt Schader (Pahrump) & Mercury NSRS sites?

    I found this license a bit ago and forgot about it. I may not be able to check it myself so I am posting here so maybe someone else can confirm the site(s). WQKV949 Mt Schader (Pahrump): 01 851.4875 02 851 9375 03 852.6375 04 853.2500 Mercury: 01 851.0625 02 852.0875 03 853.0875 04 853.7000
  3. KF7RAY

    Southern NSRS confirmations?

    Can anyone confirm the following updates so the NSRS DB can be updated? I don't feel like driving down south just for this! ;) I found the updated information, but it needs to be confirmed before the entries can be changed. 9012 (2334) Christmas Tree Pass (Laughlin,NV): 01 851.2875 02 851.8750...
  4. M

    Washoe and RPD Call Signs.

    I'm a newer listener with a Pro-94 programmed to NSRS EDACS. I love listening to the trunked freqs my old scanner couldn't track. Anyways does anyone have a reference sheet for the Police call signs. Example: Reno Nora 333 Reno X-Ray Etc Traffic seems to just say traffic so thats easy. I...
  5. brandon

    NSRS Primm to Mesquite on I-15

    What NSRS sites do I need to program for the drive between Primm to Mesquite on the I-15 freeway? So far I have programmed: Primm, Jean, Las Vegas, Angel Peak, Arrow Canyon....I'm especially hoping to find what sites I need programmed during the long stretch between Vegas and Mesquite. Thanks...