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    Weather Alerts outside of NWR Range?

    Is there any good way to receive weather alerts and weather information in the outdoors where no NWR reception exists, such as in large areas of the Southwest? Options I have looked at: - Red Cross or FEMA app for warnings and windy or meteoblue for weather forecasts - Preferred way, but...
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    Emergency Digital Information Service (EDIS)

    Does the California EDIS system still exist? If not, is there any replacement? Was the satellite part ever implemented? The current California Emergency Alert plan (edited 2017) refers to a digital alert system Wikipedia says it uses 37.0200 MHz and 37.3800 MHz and satellite, but the links...
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    S.a.m.e. header

    Is there a way for me to decode the AFSK S.A.M.E Headers with a program for ASCII decoding such as the ZCZC-WXR,Etc for manual reading. Thank you.