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    NX-200 Backlight Question

    So i am looking for a way to enable the backlight to come on any time the radio receives a transmission....Or am i stuck in fantasy land? Thanks for any help!
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    I would appreciate any help in being directed to someone that will sell me a cable.
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    NX - 200 Emergency / Aux Programing

    I have been working on reprogramming a few radios at work NX-200 Portables. Currently the Aux key is set to (none) in the software. I would like to set this key to send emergency alert to dispatch or a preset text that would display on all radios in the system. I have looked under (edit,key...
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    NX-200K General Questions..

    Hey all! New here, and have learned a lot in the last couple hours or so. Some of my questions were answered, and some weren't. (And some, Googling came up with *no* help at all, oddly.) Was wondering if I could get ya'll's input on my 'new' radio. My work upgraded their radios, and offered us...