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    Programming issue kenwood NX-700k

    Hi, I'm trying to program the above radio with firmware 4.73 and an ftdi cable with latest drivers and kpg143d software version 5.10. I can get it to read the transceiver information from the radio, but that's all. When I try reading or writing programming I get the error code to check the...
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    Kenwood NX-700

    Hey all. I need help with my Kenwood NX-700 I talked to my local dealer of kenwood and they will not sell the software. I checked with all radio stores in 2 hour radius. I have the cable and need KPG-111D software. I live in Canada and every place I checked cannot ship to canada for some...
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    password removal help!?

    I have an NX-200 and NX-700. I know there is a way to remove the password on these radios without sending them to kenwood. Any information would be helpfull!!