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    NX220 Programming Cable/Connection

    I've installed the KPG-141DNK software and the USB driver discs. When i'm in the program and connect the radio to the laptop via programming cable - I either get wrong com port until i find the right COM port and then another error message appears "Check Model Name, Market Code and Display Type"...
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    NXDN Kenwood NX-220 Help

    I am trying to program a new Kenwood NX-220 for the sole purpose of listening to these frequencies Scott County, Indiana (IN) Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference that are running NXDN. I have the Kenwood software (KPF-141D) and programming cable. I entered the frequencies listed...
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    Kenwood NX200/210/220 series Operator Selectable Tones

    Does anyone here have any experience on how Kenwood's deal with the OST option for the NexEdge portable's? I am curious if the RX tone on channel stays the same (what is programmed into the firmware for that channel) when OST is on and using different TX pl tones. Hope this makes sense.... Thanks!