1. GTR8000

    NYS Database Cleanup

    As many of you have no doubt already noticed, I'm in the middle of a rather massive update to the entirety of NYS. I'm reorganizing all state agencies and counties so they are consistent statewide, as well as meet the up-to-date standards and guidelines of the Database Handbook. I'm also...
  2. M

    NYS Oswego fire, police, etc

    Is anyone going to keep online live audio feed for NYS Oswego County Fire, Police, etc. Thanks. I appreciate it. Jim V. West Monroe NY
  3. A

    CB radio VS Ham Radio

    I caught a good chat today on Ch 6 with a cool guy who seemed to like cb for what it is. Apparently we both opened a topic that lasted for an hour. If we should move on to ham radio cause CB was just plain silly with the flat out cursing, everyone stepping over each other. And some people just...