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    CHP (Oakland/Contra Costa) coverage map

    My apologies if someone has posted an answer previously but Ive been unable to find it. I was wondering if anyone has any sort of recent coverage map of CHP Golden Gate, more specifically Contra Costa and Oakland offices. I am wondering where CHP Oakland ends and Contra Costa begins. I would...
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    how to program BCD436 to receive East Bay Regional Communications System (EBRCS)

    Just upgraded from the analog age to the digital age and am learning how to use this new scanner. For the most part it's been straight forward, but I am having difficulty programming the most relevant system for me. While I've had success with Sentinel programming everything else (including the...
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    Soup Can Fix for Receiving Simulcast P25 CQPSK, Oakland, Ca

    Frustrated with Oakland P25 CQPSK Modulated system. the multi-path problem with this system brought back memoirs of an antenna I once saw which dealt with interference. The antenna was "can" shaped unit mounted horizontally on a TV type mast. It was about a foot long and six inches in diameter...
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    P25 problems in Oakland

    GRE PSR-500, Oakland CA Purchased scanner XMAS 2011, preprogrammed by scannermaster for Alameda Co. Fine for a month, then Oakland P25 police/fire stopped receiving. Noted that the "T" was no longer appearing on screen. Purchased Blu-Tel Arc 500 software and subscription to Radio Reference to...
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    Iphone Mobile Scanner updated - No Oakland PD Feed anymore

    Itunes just updated the Mobile Scanner App on my iPhone. There is no longer the Oakland, California PD feed. Wass up with that? Thanks all
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    Oakland Police and Alameda County Fire gone?

    Does anyone know what's happened with the Oakland Police and Alameda County Fire live audio feeds that used to be here: Contra Costa County, California (CA) Live Police, Fire, and EMS Scanners on RadioReference.com ? They no longer show as listening choices. Are these gone forever or will they...