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  1. GeneseeCoMI

    No Oakland County Interop 2 and 10?

    I just looked up the frequencies for the Oakland County Interop channels after I heard a Livingston Co fire dispatcher tell one of his units to go to "Interop 4" (assisting Oakland Co) and noticed there's no Interop 2 (it skips from 1 to 3) and no Interop 10 (it skips from 9 to 11). Are these...
  2. F

    Oakland county public talkgroup question

    Hi guys, i have a maybe stupid question but i'm sure you guys know the answer. Again sorry if it's kind of noob. Is there any public talkgroup or public frequency in oakland county ( west bloomfield, farmington hills, or around these areas) that we can program and talk? By public talkgroup or...
  3. B

    Good Open Sky Article

    Enjoy! WITH VIDEO: New radio system to be fully implemented by year's end - The Oakland Press News > Local News: The best place for news in and around Oakland County
  4. B

    Score another point for Open Sky (and other closed public safety comm systems)

    Came across this article: Norwich police say complaint about gunman bogus - Norwich, CT - Norwich Bulletin . Can't help but see the advantages of closed public safety communications systems like Open Sky. MPSCS radios can be 'spoofed' just as easily as conventional public safety radios. MSP...
  5. B

    Another Open Sky Article

    Huh.... I thought this radio system didn't work????? Oh well. What do I know? Chase travels through Pontiac, ends in crash in Independence Township - The Oakland Press News > Cops & Courts: The best place for news in and around Oakland County