1. emcomm

    NYC OEM MOT Type II SmartZone scanner...

    Hey guys, I'd like to monitor NYCEM (OEM) which is on a Motorola Type II SmartZone system. Any recommendations for a scanner (name/model). I'm gonna make a purchase today. Your tips and advice are always welcome. many thanks
  2. M

    BC92XLT: Antenna gain for OEM antenna

    What is the dB gain (in dBd) for the OEM antenna that comes with the BC92XLT? I am considering an upgrade but I want to know how much of an improvement I am making to determine if it's worth the cost.
  3. N2SCV


    Listening to 155.100 ( Essex Co./Newark OEM) they're talking about checking Skynet to see where a car is stuck in water on Routes 1 & 9 and Jersey City reported it. Search on RR shows nothing. Anyone? Thanks.
  4. K

    Burlington Cty OEM

    Does anyone have the VHF frequency for Burlington County OEM? I understand they still operate in the 155 MHz area. PL would be nice too! :-)
  5. S

    XTS2500 Compatible mics?

    Anyone have a list of OEM MOTOROLA mics that are compatible with the XTS2500?
  6. N2SCV

    The US Navy and FAA will conduct flights of a US Navy MZ-3A

    https://twitter.com/#!/NotifyNYC The US Navy and FAA will conduct flights of a US Navy MZ-3A Airship tomorrow, 11/9, btw 9AM-4:30PM.
  7. A

    Help me find a radio solution?

    Hi, am new to this forum, and thought this might be a reasonable sub-forum to post this question. I'm considering launching a business, which would manufacture and distribute a technology infrastructure to existing businesses within a particular vertical market. I am just slightly stuck on the...