1. MarMatthias

    Offutt AFB

    Hi, I'm very close to Offut AFB and keyed in the trunking info from this page: Offutt Air Force Base (Project 25) Trunking System, Bellevue, Nebraska - Scanner Frequencies All I'm receiving in silence with my BCD396XT switching back and forth between LNK and DAT. I have noticed that when I...
  2. P

    Aviation Freqs UHF

    Has anything changed in the last couple of years regarding milcom UHF freqs in the Omaha area? Still the same like 311, 321, 342.5....I need an antenna for my roof. PSR-500 radio, win500 software Thanks, John
  3. P

    Offutt APCO

    I purchased a GRE PSR-500. Monitoring OPD and Fire is great. However, the Offutt system is just mainly a silent signal. I remember this vaguely in the past with other scanners. I'm using the Win500 software to program the psr500...what should I do? Is it scrambled? Sometimes maintenance...