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    Ohio MARCS

    Hello everyone I don't want to ask a stupid question but I just got back into the hobby after an absence I purchased a Home Patrol 2 from Scanner Master with which I am happy I live in Cleveland and they set up Cuyahoga county for me I monitor Greater Cleveland Radio Network Cleveland PD, Fire...
  2. mtindor

    MARCS-IP ("New MARCS") Site and Talkgroup Discussion

    A new 700 Mhz license application is pending for Ohio MARCS - Cuyahoga Co Project 700 Mhz 5 sites Simulcast Click HERE to view the pending application Click HERE for a Google Map of the sites LOCATIONS Cleveland, OH (CUYAHOGA) Warrensville Hts, OH (CUYAHOGA) Mayfield, OH (CUYAHOGA)...