1. W

    Oneida Cnty Hwy

    453.300 is listed as Oneida County Highway Department. I am hearing bursts of noise from time to time but no audio. Anyone know if this frequency is correct and in use? Could the noise be a data mode? Thanks W2ZS
  2. KD2DXF

    Oneida County Fire Control

    i have baught an old fire dept radio, ive rapaired everything on it because i plan to sell it, but i noticed that it doesnt hit the oneida county fire dispatch, herkimer county works, and all other channels work on it, but i was wondering since the narrow banding thing that maybe oneida has...
  3. S

    Oneida County, NY Live Scanner Feed

    I have recently activated a live scanner feed for emergency communications in Oneida County, NY. The following is a link: It is currently monitoring: Utica Police Utica Fire New Hartford Police Oneida County MRD (Police dispatch for OCS, NYSP, Town...