1. B

    Discovered unknown talkgroups

    I have discovered some unknown talkgroups on the Onslow County/Jacksonville City system while scanning for a couple days I have a uniden BCD436HP and I put it in discovery mode and set it to compare to DB so all the talkgroups is what it picked up and identifying them would be greatly...
  2. yabuisha

    Onslow County, NC - Dispatch Update

    Most who monitor Onslow County Sheriff's Dept. dispatch, a.k.a. 418 have undoubtedly noticed the recent calls to and from units numbered in the 900's. This is the new designation for Swansboro PD. This was changed due to the growth of SPD and the confusion of dispatching both OCSO & SPD 100...
  3. Robbyboy

    Onslow Lejeune Woods Fire

    Major Woods fire on Camp Lejeune at Greater Sandy Run. Extensive Evacuations occurring at this time with widespread road closures with extensive agencies involved to include (at least): Base Forestry Base Fire Onslow EOC Onslow VFDs (At least 6-8) Pender VFDs OC Sheriff NCSHP Possibly Duplin...
  4. Robbyboy

    Onslow/Jacksonville 800

    I may have a new user that I need assistance in identifying. TGID 56016 appears to be paratransit (whatever they call it here). If that is the case, it will be the first non-public safety user on the system which means that its going to be growing!
  5. Robbyboy

    New Onslow LTR

    Hello Again - Just to give everyone a heads up, I identified a new LTR system in Onslow County for ARINC. Assumed usage is for Ellis Airport but if anyone has any insight to this, please submit it in the database. I am working on getting the Channel Assignments so any help would be...