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    harris xg-75 7-800 system model info?

    I just acquired a xg 75 full keypad 7-800 mhz model. it has a field programmer battery and i would like too get an idea of what this radio as a whole might be worth. if anyone wishes to let me know give me a pm please. I have no use for it as its not on my fd's band.
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    Pedernales Electric changing to Open Sky?

    Has PEC moved its operations to LCRA's under utilized Open Sky system? They seem to have vanished from the EDACS least in my part of Hays County. Thanks!
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    Good Open Sky Article

    Enjoy! WITH VIDEO: New radio system to be fully implemented by year's end - The Oakland Press News > Local News: The best place for news in and around Oakland County
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    Score another point for Open Sky (and other closed public safety comm systems)

    Came across this article: Norwich police say complaint about gunman bogus - Norwich, CT - Norwich Bulletin . Can't help but see the advantages of closed public safety communications systems like Open Sky. MPSCS radios can be 'spoofed' just as easily as conventional public safety radios. MSP...
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    Another Open Sky Article

    Huh.... I thought this radio system didn't work????? Oh well. What do I know? Chase travels through Pontiac, ends in crash in Independence Township - The Oakland Press News > Cops & Courts: The best place for news in and around Oakland County
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    PA County Fed Up with "OpenSky"

    PA County Fed Up with "OpenSky" Lancaster County (PA), after nearly 10 years of frustration, has given up on M/A-Com’s "OpenSky" communications system for its county radio services, according to an article in Burdened by expensive equipment costs, bankrupt...