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    Motorola XPR 7550

    Just got this VHF radio to use at my volunteer FD and whenever I go to charge the radio with the IMPRES charger the charging base will be orange. I know orange means the battery is reconditioning but the radio will do an annoying beep tone about every 5 seconds until I pick the radio up off of...
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    State Of Emergency - 3:50 pm (ORANGE COUNTY)

    Orange county executives have issued a state of emergency . In effect from 6pm - 7am All vehicular traffic is prohibited within these times. Exceptions: Snow removal equipment Volunteer firefighters Dire Emergencies...
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    Lynch Ambulance Frequencies??

    Hi I'm wondering if anyone has or knows how to get scanner frequencies for Lynch Ambulance in Anaheim, CA? Thanks
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    New to Scanning in OC - Suggestions?

    So I'm new to this whole thing, been wanting to scan local police/fire for a while now. I'm currently located pretty much in the middle of the City of Orange and looking mainly to scan Orange PD. This page has all the local OC agencies listed, but I can't quite decipher what these mean: 55200...