1. skiphall


    Hi folks. Is anyone hearing anything regularly on ORION and/or VIPER? I realize that in the absence of a disaster scenario, there is little traffic on ORION, thus making it pretty hard to test... unless you stay up to listen for the 0400 hrs.Thursday morning roll call, of course. But...
  2. C

    BCD325P2/BCD996P2: Don't Understand

    My mother bought a new BCD996P2 scanner so she can listen to the local PD/FD. They joined Omaha's ORION (Omaha Regional Interoperability Network) last year so she can't hear them now. I have been trying to learn what everything is but I don't know where to start. I look at Fremont, Nebraska's...
  3. K

    Orion question

    I'm not real familiar with what I received, but I have 5 mobiles. Model # D28MTX 800mHz edacs Are these P25 phase 1 compatible?
  4. C

    Seeking specs for Orion UHF D2UHG7

    I been searching the web for what the channel capacity the Orion D2UHG7 remote head system is capable of? I asked the seller and he tells me 16 channels, I know that can't be for a late-ish model Orion. Anyone be able to fill in the blanks for me? Thanks!
  5. K

    NEED HELP PLEASE GE Ericsson Orion 900 MHZ Two Way Radio w/ Remote Head & Mic

    Hello all, I have recently moved on to a GE Ericsson Orion 900 MHZ Two Way Radio w/ Remote Head & Mic. I am really excited about the unit as it will cover all my needs in my vehicle without having multiple radios and or big eye sores in my vehicle. but here is my issues. I need help installing...
  6. S

    Orion Transmit and Siren Light Problem

    I am experiencing 2 problems with a recent Orion acquisition. I purchased a Low Band Orion with the Systems Control Head. 1) When the radio is powered on, it immediately goes into transmit mode. After depressing the mic key, it will stop transmitting and go into normal operation. 2) The Siren...
  7. Mtnrider

    GE orion Model D2HHG3

    We have a Ge Orion Model D2HHG3 and are wondering if it needs upgrading for narrowband. I posted this elsewhere before looking and seeing theres a Ge etc forum here. And the nice person who responded said yes but to look here for a more proper answer. Thanks in advance
  8. Mtnrider

    GE orion Model D2HHg3

    Anyone know how you can tell if the radio has the narrowband option in it? Radio is Model Number D2HHG3.....Wondering if it needs to be upgraded i know some have it in reading the web...
  9. kc7gr

    Converting Orion low-band: Almost there...

    Good eve, I'm almost there in terms of converting my Orion low-band to 6 meters. My thanks to those who helped me figure out .SC4 files. I'm still running into few sticking points, though. Help with these would be appreciated. (1) I'm using ProGrammer version R19, since that's what these...
  10. kc7gr

    How to create an .SC4 file for Orion?

    Good day, Got a low-band Orion I'm trying to put on six meters, and I'm stuck with the ProGrammer software. This means I need to make an .SC4 file instead of .SC. How, exactly, does one go about creating such? I've searched the board, and found many references to the existence of .SC4's, but...
  11. D

    Programming Question - Switchable Personality?

    I'm trying to progrom an Orion radio, and after reading it, adding some new conventional channels, and attempting to write back I get: "Error. This is a switchable personality and cannot be programming into this radio." Can anyone tell me what this means, and how to get around it? The...