1. edweirdFL

    Greater Orlando Aviation Authority on 169.6625 ?

    So far I'm pretty sure what I am hearing on 169.6625 NAC 292h P25 is a dispatcher that ID's as "GOAA Comm" with alerts for fire and medical folks to terminals and gates within the Orlando International Airport. Just the alerts, never any responses so traffic is pretty light. I also heard a...
  2. danf161

    Presidential Visit in Orlando, Freqs?

    Just as the title states, does anyone have freqs for the presidential visit tomorrow (10/11) here in Orlando? I'm aware that some are probably encrypted but it's worth a shot. I have a BCD396XT and can decode NAC, any search range I can program? -Dan Orlando
  3. gwgvfdpio

    EMS run to Tiger Woods?

    Does anyone have audio related to the EMS run that was made overnight to the Orlando street on which Tiger Woods lives? If so, please e-mail me directly: etobias@ap.org Thanks, Ed Tobias (KR3E) Associated Press Washington, DC